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Designer Resort and cruise collection

Booking a glamorous five star resort is probably the easiest decision when it comes to planning your up and coming holiday, then comes the real challenge of what to pack to make sure you are always looking chic and styled. We have designed a luxurious resortwear collection that is transitional from day to evening.

Our collection is adorned with classic silhouettes which have been designed with the thought in mind that they will remain in your wardrobe forever, as beautiful pieces are meant to be passed down! We are not influenced by trends, our colour palette is neutral and timeless.

We use natural fabrics including Silk crepe de chine and Silk georgette. Silk has always been the epitome of luxury and a symbol of elegance, it remains the best fabric for traveling. After carefully packing your silk kaftans, tunics and dresses when you arrive at your hotel simply hang them and steam them in the bathroom while your having a shower and your ready to go!

Our 2019 exclusive monochrome collection is hand crafted by carefully selected highly skilled artisans. After searching for a solid year, we finally found our ethical factory in Jaipur. They share the same values as we do and also share our passion to keep these specialised hand embroidery techniques alive. We ensure all of the employees benefit equally and receive the respect deserved for creating such intricate time consuming embroideries.

Luna Luxe gain their inspiration from classic architecture, opulent interiors and travel to historical and exotic destinations. Follow us on our journey as we continue to explore the traditions of the silk road while we create our luxurious range of resort wear for women who crave uniqueness, exclusivity and the finest quality.

Enjoy exploring our first collection.

Happy Holidays!
Luna Ladies x